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Mortgage Bankers

Mortgage bankers are our business

—accuracy, speed and confidentiality are our commitment.

We work with more mortgage bankers than any other insurance agency, thanks to you — over 2400 policies written last year! If you call a State Farm Agent you only get a quote from ONE company. The same applies to Liberty Mutual and Geico — one quote per call. We rate & compare 10-13 insurance companies to get the best price. All from “A” Rated insurance companies.


Greater Columbia SC area:



Middle Georgia: Augusta, Macon, Warner Robins, Columbus


North Carolina: Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh Durham, Greensboro

South Carolina: Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Rock Hill


North Atlanta cities/communities: Alpharetta, Marietta, Duluth, Cummings, Sugar Hill 678.339.9956

Some recent rate comparisons

Market The Insurance Center State Farm Liberty Mutual Farmers GEICO Nationwide
COLUMBUS, GA $370.43 $2311.00 $851.00 $624.04 $1096.00 $1069.19
N. ATL, GA $421.86 $1863.00 $729.10 $639.00 $616.00 $949.75
WARNER ROBINS, GA $555.00 $2161.00 $1072.00 $916.47 $954.00 $913.00
ROCK HILL, SC $311.00 $1201.00 $495.00 N/A $692.00 $628.55
GREENSBORO, NC $419.00 $1321.00 $562.00 N/A $744.00 $999.00
CHARLOTTE, NC $346.00 $1225.00 $617.00 N/A $549.00 $1082.50
RALEIGH, NC $490.11 $1370.00 $681.00 N/A $666.00 $1006.00

Rate comparisons based on following criteria:

  • Home – $200,000 to $250,000
  • Age – 2018/2019
  • HH04 Insurance Score
  • No Claims
  • $1000 deductible
  • $300k/1k Liability/Med Pay

Some testimonials from recent mortgage banker clients!

“Rick, you are the MAN!!!! Once again, you 100% saved this loan for me!! I think I now owe you a dinner!! Thanks!!”
Stewart (Mortgage Banker)
“Thank you Rick for always taking such great care of our customers.”
Sherree (Mortgage Banker)
“George, below is the insurance lady I was telling you to call to get a free quote. Her email is above also. She has saved my clients a lot of money. Thanks”
Thomas (Mortgage Banker)
“Y’all are the BEST in the business.”
Tara (Mortgage Banker)
“Thank you for being so easy to work with.”
Tara (Mortgage Banker)
“Thank you for being so easy to work with.”
Tara (Mortgage Banker)
“I’m highlighting you on our list of providers. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more referrals.”
Matt (Mortgage Banker)
“I love this info….Great advertising…”
Mary (Mortgage Banker)
“Those are good rates! Thanks Peter”
Erin (Mortgage Banker)
“Thank you Rick for always taking such great care of our customers.”
Sherree (Mortgage Banker)
“That’s perfect. I will give you a call a bit after 7pm. Thanks for being flexible!”
Hannah (Mortgage Banker)
“You’re the BEST in the biz!!! You always go above and beyond for our clients and we truly appreciate that… 6 PM on a Friday evening now that’s what I call Service!! We LOVE our Beauty Barbara (BB)!!! (yes, that is officially your new name ~BB)”
Tara (Mortgage Banker)
“Wonderful – AS ALWAYS – you take care of our clients! I am bowing out, now….. giving the torch tack to Terry! Thanks!”
Alicia (Mortgage Banker)
“Hey girlie. Thanks for speaking with her…. Thanks for always taking such good care of our Peeps!!”
Jennifer (Mortgage Banker)

Questions to consider when purchasing Homeowners Insurance

  • What is the Replacement Cost Estimator and why do insurance companies insist on these high -values?
  • What is Replacement Contents Coverage and how important is it?
  • What liability limit should I consider?
  • Are there students away at school?
  • What if I own items like a golf cart, fishing boat? Moped?
  • What if I have a trampoline? A swimming pool?
  • What about a pet dog that is not friendly?
  • What if I have people working for me (in the house, or in the yard) and they get hurt? What do I need to do to be protected?
  • Do I need flood insurance?
  • What about earthquake coverage?

These and many more questions need to be asked and considered. Please call us to discuss these questions now. You really don’t want to wait until something happens to find out where you stand.