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Umbrella Insurance

Providing extra insurance against liability claims.

A Personal Umbrella Policy provides you with extra insurance once your other policies liability limits have been exhausted.

Unfortunately law suits have become all too commonplace in our society and the insurance policies we have on things like home and auto can often fall short of covering a liability lawsuit.

For example, if you’re found to be liable in a traffic accident and required to pay out 1 million in damages and your auto policy only covers $250k, you’re still required to come up with the remaining $750k!. This is where Umbrella protection comes into play.

You don’t have to be wealthy to be sued as if you were. Very large judgements are becoming quite common nowadays. Most of us assume that if we injured someone the damages wouldn’t exceed $1 million.   What if we happen to collide with a vehicle that has multiple occupants?  What if those occupants are children that have exceptional grades in school and are on their way to being high wage earners? 

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