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We are a relatively large Insurance Agency, with over 10,000 policy holders for home & auto Insurance.  Most of our personnel is in one of three groups: 

  1. Agents that work with Mortgage Bankers in helping home buyers secure the proper insurance needed for loan closings;
  2. Agents that work with existing customers and their referrals with their Personal Insurance needs;
  3. Assistants, Processors and Administrative staff that support the agents and the agency.


Extensive training provided for these career positions.   Because this agency is all about providing excellent service, we search hard for the ideal candidates.  Once we locate the right person, we will provide all of the necessary education, training, and licensing to ensure the service we provide is exceptional and stays exceptional.


All of the existing staff members have a really strong work ethic, and come to work with an intention to “do their part”.  We want others who think like we do!  We take great care of our customers and want to bring in others who will enthusiastically participate in giving the extra effort.  We look for someone who has a good track record in being a loyal, long-term employee.


In addition to the traditional benefits, our staff enjoys benefits that you won’t find at most companies.  Examples include:

Our Friday-off program:  Staff members that qualify get every 3rd Friday off  as a free paid day off! That’s an extra 17 paid days off each year!

All-expense paid Trips to Exotic Locations: Because our agents work really hard to provide excellent service, we award them with these all-expense paid trips.   These trips in recent years have included Cuba, San Francisco, Central America, Florida, Mexico, Alaska, Cruises, Hawaii, Europe (Switzerland, Spain, etc.) and more!   In 2019, we have 7 agents and their significant others taking trips. In 2018, we had 4 agents and their significant others taking these trips.

Health Club:  The agency wants it’s staff to stay healthy and have a full life.  The agency pays ½ of the cost of each staff member’s health club dues each year. 

401K:  The agency wants it’s staff to have a great career and then more great years after they retire.  You don’t need to win the lottery or start a company to be wealthy at retirement!  The agency will match dollar for dollar (additional compensation for free!) up to 3% of your income.   If you start early and maximize your participation, you can be a millionaire at retirement!

Paid Mileage and Expense Account:  We permit our agents to purchase and provide appreciation treats and gifts for those that refer new customers to us.  (Even if we couldn’t help a prospect with their particular needs, we still appreciate the referral and want to show that appreciation!)  We also cover the gas expense when agents need to visit our business associates.

Lounge and Work outs: The agency is currently setting up the building next door to our downtown location as an Employee Benefit facility.  We will have a full kitchen, a lounge area, a work out area, and more.  Our thoughts are that if you work in an office all day, you need a great mid-day break to relax, move around, and even enjoy some good home cooking if that’s what you want to do.  In addition, we will have bicycles for employees to ride on the canal or visit the downtown area with all it’s specialty cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, the RiverWalk  area, the Augusta Commons area, and all the other exciting things that are happening downtown because of the Cyber City explosion in downtown!

No weekends, holidays, or nights:  We are open 7:45am – 5:00pm M-F.  While we have on rare occasion had to work outside of normal business hours due to some very unusual event, that is the exception and not the rule!   One of the exceptions would be a trainee having some home study during the first couple of months.  Another exception would be an Agent entertaining someone in the evening or following up on something to boost their personal results.


In addition to a great base salary, monthly production bonuses, incentive bonuses, and the extra perks described above, the agency has the traditional benefits as well: 

Paid Vacation, Paid Sick leave, Paid Holidays, Group Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance reimbursement where necessary, Agency funded Dental Expense reimbursement, and more.


If your “emotional make-up” is that of someone who has a need to work (a strong work ethic), earn your pay, pride in workmanship, a need to please others, and prove yourself, you would enjoy working with this incredible staff. Those that work here that have been around for decades are tremendous givers with exceptionally big hearts.   This company and staff refuses to lower it’s standards to work with those who are not motivated in the way that we are.


The Insurance Center has an outstanding reputation within the community for helping thousands of homeowners protect their belongings.  We are very well known in the real estate and mortgage community and work closely with these professionals on a daily basis.  We have been in business since 1960 and are a team of 23. We represent 13 “A” rated insurance companies (listed below).   The agency is big enough to offer outstanding compensation and benefits to it’s employees, yet small enough that exceptional work is readily noticed by the owner and management. Many of our employees have been with the agency for many years. Their commitment and loyalty is appreciated by the agency and is reflected in their compensation.

The Insurance Center is an Award Winning Agency that has been recognized by it’s insurance carriers frequently for outstanding performance. The agency was Traveler’s Insurance Agency of the Year; recognized as a Traveler’s Elite Agency, a Grange Insurance Senior Partner; The Hanover Excellence Award: and many other awards through the years.


Our website has many testimonials from customers, former employees, and our business associates.  In addition, the web site has Google Reviews that show how much our customers and associates have enjoyed working with us and various members of the staff.  We greatly appreciate their thoughtful comments and are motivated by them to work even harder for confidence in us.


The best Personal Lines Insurance markets in the business:

Travelers, Allstate, Grange, Auto-Owners, State Auto, Mercury, Main Street, ASI, Southern Trust, Universal NA, National General, Progressive, and Foremost (a Farmers company).


  1. Since everything today is automation driven, must be able to type at least 40 WMP.
  2. Must be good with details.  It’s the small things that count!
  3. Must have good work references.  Would your previous supervisors say that you were one of their best?  Did they think so much of you they would write a letter of reference  (if asked) even if the company itself won’t comment on your work?
  4. Must have a work history that shows longevity and loyalty.
  5. If you’d be coming in as a trainee, must be willing to participate in the training with some home-study during the first 2 months of employment.


If the above sounds like what you’ve been looking for in a place to have a career, call us for a confidential conversation.

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