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Don’t take it from us, hear it straight from our valued clients!

Jason Turkovich

UGA Student/Employee

The Insurance Center has truly been one that sticks in my mind as one of the best learning experiences I have had. You have certainly been a role model to me, not only in my career decision, but also my work ethic.

Geri Tate

Hanover Insurance Manager

The Insurance Center has become a major force in Augusta, with its reputation of being a leader in the personal lines marketplace.



… Both Camille and Sandra worked extra hard to help me out, as Camille has always done in handling my account. I appreciate their efforts and they are one of the reasons that I always refer people to your firm when I am asked to recommend an insurer.


Former employee

… The past four years have been a monumental learning experience as well as an exceptional opportunity. One could not ask for a more organized and professional company to pursue a career with. … I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I was fortunate enough to be given by both Steve and Angie, two of the most intelligent and motivated individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work for. They are truly an inspiration and set an example to be modeled after. … Should I ever have the opportunity to work for The Insurance Center again, I would not hesitate. I would consider it an honor to have the opportunity to again be a part of this wonderful team.

William Hold, CIC

President, Society of Certified Insurance Counselors

Presented to Steve Dekle, CIC, This Testimonial: In recognition of more than twenty-five years of steadfast commitment to leadership and excellence through continuing insurance education, which commitment has been manifested in outstanding individual achievement , and in the highest level of professional competence encompassing the major fields of insurance, insurance management and agency operations.

John Houser

President, Southern Trust Insurance Company

The enclosed plaque recognizes your agency’s 2010 outstanding achievement. We truly value our relationship with your agency and respect what you do.

Ted Carlton

The Insurance House (Industry Leader for young agents)

Dear Steve, Congratulations on passing Part 3 of the CPCU exams…. It always gives me a charge to see someone outside the Atlanta area go after the designation. It takes a little something extra and you certainly have it.

Pat Stewart

Former Employee

Dear Steve, I want you to know working at the Agency has been professionally rewarding and that I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to grow in my knowledge of the industry. … I have found the agency to be a professionally motivating place to work. …

Gary Barton

Industry associate

Dear Steve, … I have always admired your no nonsense capacity for hard work and the maturity in business that you have attained at such a young age…

Brad Stolte

Safeco Insurance underwriter

Hi Linda, I really appreciate the help you give to our insureds! You’re great!

Bill Trotter, III


Dear Steve, You and your staff have provided outstanding service in connection with the recent claims… As you will recall, although I resisted your efforts to sell the kind of coverage I needed, you nevertheless persisted and insisted that I buy a policy which afforded adequate and complete coverage. Thank you again for keeping my best interest in mind.

Delores Stovall

Hanover underwriter

Dear Linda, Most of us in tour day-to-day dealings with our family, friends, and customers fail to take the time to say “thank you” whenever they do something we appreciate. At Hanover, we have decided it is appropriate to take the time to say “thank you” to you…

Laurie Rogers

CFO Keymarket Communications

Dear Steve, Keymarket’s business of purchasing, selling, and the operations of radio stations in markets throughout the US necessitates the services of an insurance firm that is staffed for efficient service on an interstate basis. We are very pleased… It is apparent that the standard is set high in determining the pace and quality at which services are delivered. I appreciate these services…

Bill Trotter, Jr.

President, Trotter Realty Co.

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for the very efficient and professional way you handled the restructuring and renewing of our insurance coverages. It is obvious that you spent a lot of time analyzing the problems, selecting the best approach, shopping for the best coverages and rates, and developing a package that was very much to my advantage. … I have followed your career since you have handled our business for many years and have been very impressed with your professional growth and maturity. I greatly appreciate your knowledge and professional manner of handling your business and particularly the conscientious manner in which you handled mine.

Brian Mahoney

Continental Insurance Company

We would like to state that it is a pleasure working with an agency who is extremely knowledgeable… We know you have spent the last three years working very hard to develop excellent insurance programs… Continental Insurance Company commends your agency…

Debbie M.

Lindsey, …Joey went to heaven Wednesday night. … It was good talking to you about your Grandpa. You really understood the cancer journey.

Hannah S.

Barbara, I cc’d Jennifer on this one since we originally had the Moreton’s confirmed with another agency. I just called Renie to confirm the change and she had nothing but nice things to say about you.

Scott Palmer (Regional VP)

Congratulations on being among the top 15 life producers for Auto Owners Insurance Company in Georgia.